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Information Specialist & Knowledge Manager

I'm a developer in Montreal, Canada currently working with Jeppesen on airline crew pairing optimization. My projects include Android application development, Virtual Reality, information policy, Bitcoin, and lobbying local and federal governments for an open and accessible Internet. I am a proponent of Creative Commons Licensing, and I am an active open-source enthusiast.

In 2014 I graduated from the McGill University School of Information Studies and have been interested in opportunities that empower communities to innovate through the use of technology and education.

AJ West
  • That Conveyor Baking Game Virtual Reality

    That Converyor Baking Game

    A room-scale VR baking snowy good time. Melt the chocolate blocks as raw ingredients to make batter for cupcakes, scoop it into the muffin pan, cook it in the oven, then wrap your items.

  • Sarah's Mech Fundraiser $120,000 USD raised!

    Sarah's Mech Charity Initiative

    Raised over $120,000 USD for the Canadian Cancer Society. Click the image above for a summary of journal coverage or click here to see the beautiful purchase page (archived).

  • Canadian Stenographer 3000+ emails collected!

    Canadian Stenographer

    A political email correspondence website which keeps tabs on Canada's Federal parties.

  • Preferred Miner Bitcoin

    Preferred Miner

    A concept website/service where I collect Bitcoin transactions for processing by specific miners. The idea is that end-users can express support for the political positions and BIP signalisation of particular groups.

  • G.Lux Chrome Extension 25,000+ active users!

    G.lux Chrome Extension

    Solving color temperature changes as an alternative to F.lux on ChromeOS devices and computers without administrative access.

  • Alcohol and Beer Converter Android App 30,000+ installs!

    Alcohol & Beer Converter

    A free Android Application used for calculating the amount of ethanol in your drink and comparing it to other beverages.

  • Grey Nun Next Door

    The Grey Nun Next Door

    A short musical satire on the uncertain future of Concordia's Grey Nuns Motherhouse.

  • Catsonomy


    An example of an Information Taxonomy framework designed for a Master's Knowledge Taxonomies class, but with the added application of having saved over 5 cats in Montreal.

  • Multimedia Selections

    Speaker - Web 2.U 2014

    Featuring international, national and local speakers, Web 2.U explores the intersection of social media, technology and information. 2014's conference theme was "The Cutting Edge", with presentations on the latest in social media technology, strategy, and best practice in connecting with local community.

  • Communities


    Creator/Moderator of noteworthy SubReddit's:

    Social Media & Communities for MechWarrior Online:

    Offline Communities:
    -Member of Master's Thesis Choir
    -Montreal Bitcoin Embassy Enthusiast
    -Volunteer for LGBTQ youth Programs
    -Guinness World Record Holder

  • CBC Radio

    CBC Radio

    Semi-regular 'expert' guest on various Canadian Broadcasting Company national radio shows. I've been described as a "Tech Advocate, Metadata Expert, blogger, and a leader in Internet Policy." Below are some of my favourites:

    November 13, 2013
    CBC Radio Noon: Multitasking: Does it work?

    June 10, 2013
    CBC Radio Noon: [Canadian] Government surveillance program raises alarms alongside the well-respected Michael Geist.

    January 18, 2012
    CBC Daybreak Montreal: Stop SOPA Movement in the Canadian context with founder Nadim Kobeissi

  • Creative Commons

    Creative Commons & Publications

    Free Use Video:
    Captivating video of the largest student protest in Quebec history. This footage has been freely Used in dozens of news programs and documentaries worldwide.

    -Students at Concordia University are paying for Internet access while being throttled and disconnected for alleged piracy.
    -Programming and information acquisition in collaboration with Queens University, published paper in Eurospace.

  • 50ipads

    Library Services Fund

    Working under the mandate of the Library Services Fund Committee at Concordia University in 2012, I had the pleasure of ordering and unboxing 50 iPad tablets. Obviously before renting them out to students, we had to take the opportunity to enact a cool project.